If you enjoy maximum flexibility in your dining options, then booking your accommodation with breakfast only is the best option. You can welcome each new day with a traditional Greek breakfast, served at our Thalassa seaside restaurant.

Our breakfast buffet is a true feast of options and flavors, but with special emphasis on providing you with a wide range of authentic, local, and healthy alternatives: next to traditional and whole grain bread options, croissants and sweet pastries, marmalades and compotes, you will also find fresh and dried fruit, salads, plain and flavored yogurt, cereals, nuts and seeds, local Greek cheeses and select cold cuts, and even gluten-free options. We have made a conscious choice of including many whole-grain, low-sugar, fresh and unprocessed ingredients, so that you can start your day with lots of energy and no regrets! And you can also visit our excellent restaurants, Thalassa and Alselea, for lunch and dinner.

All-Inclusive Experience

Our new “Authentic Ultra All Inclusive Experience” is the full expression of our hospitality – a comprehensive holiday package that includes our very best in F&B offerings, plus additional benefits. We have redesigned our menus and reviewed our supply chain to ensure that everything that reaches your plate is chosen deliberately and carefully, for its high quality and unique flavor.


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