Dear guest,

We would like to assure you that we follow with extreme diligence all hygiene standards set by the authorities. Our top priority is the safety of our guests and Parga Beach Resort’s team.

At Parga Beach Resort you can feel safe thanks to its bungalow-style architecture with 1 to 6 rooms per building and all corridors being outdoors. For your convenience and safety, breakfast time is extended, it will be served by trained staff and seating will be only in open spaces.

Below you can see the main measures in each category:


Check out at 11:00 and check in at 16:00 in order to have additional time for the thorough cleaning of the rooms.


– Frequent and diligent cleaning and disinfection of the rooms and air condition based on specific and strict protocols
– Disinfectant wipes in each room at arrival
– Natural and frequent ventilation of the rooms
– All non-necessary objects like magazines, brochures, laundry bag etc will be removed from all rooms
– Immediate response to urgent cleaning request


– Adequate distance between sunbeds based on hygiene protocols


– Reduction of restaurant & bar capacity to achieves safe distance according to hygiene standards
– Seating only in open spaces
– Installation of hand sanitizer, recommending its usage when entering and exiting restaurant and bar
– Regarding breakfast:
o Seating only in open spaces
o Breakfast time is extended


– Our rooms are scattered around our property in bungalow style buildings from 1 to 6 rooms each
– Natural and frequent ventilation of all facilities
– Rigorously established cleaning circles and disinfection at all places
– Regular, strict and ongoing training of all staff in precautionary measures and personal hygiene
– Offering on request personal protection means (like gloves and masks)
– Use of gloves and masks from staff when required and according to hygiene standards
– Evident placement of disinfection devices in common areas
– Frequent cleaning and washing of common areas and of often touched surfaces including corridors, stairs, elevator
– Measures for adequate distance maintenance in common areas.
– Continuous information and compliance with the instructions of the authorities

* All measures can be changed based on new hygiene standards and experts’ opinion.