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At the very heart of hospitality lies food. The Ancient Greek concept of philoxenia – literally, care for strangers – which is the cornerstone of contemporary hospitality, was organized largely around the process of preparing and serving food and drink to guests. Throughout Greek history, when you have guests at your table, only the best is good enough. At Parga Beach Resort, care for our guests has always been the driving force behind everything we do. Now, we have taken this traditional concept and updated it for the modern era, infusing it with our essential values: quality, authenticity, well-being.

We care about offering you an authentic (and healthy) dining experience, so on our buffets and menus you will find only the best, high-quality ingredients. Our suppliers are almost exclusively Greek; we choose fresh ingredients as much as possible and we prioritize local producers in order to support our region’s economy, to help preserve traditional growing methods, and to keep our supply chain sustainable. And above all, we emphasize the authenticity of the growing and preparation process. We travel all across Greece to find the very best – read on for a taste of the delicious goods on offer at our restaurants.

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Traditional Greek cuisine is one of the most representative examples of the renowned “Mediterranean diet”, scientifically proven to be beneficial to good health and longevity. A big part of this benefit derives from the choice of ingredients. In order to ensure that our guests enjoy the full advantage of the best that Greek nature and Greek cuisine have to offer, we redesigned our menus and reviewed our supply chain to ensure that everything that reaches your plate is chosen deliberately and carefully. Excellent quality is our number one criterion for choosing a supplier and adding an ingredient to our menus.

We also place great value on authenticity; in food, this means always prioritizing local Greek producers and partnering with those who are transparent about their raw materials and processes, who continue to employ traditional methods and recipes in preparing their goods. Authenticity is also a guiding principle in shaping our menus. With recipes that have been part of the Geek culinary culture for centuries as their starting point, our chefs create “updated classics”, with an emphasis on preserving everything that is good about the ingredients and the preparation and making slight “tweaks” to elevate flavors and enhance health benefits.


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Local, authentic,

Our guiding philosophy and our promise to you is to honor the essence of Greek philoxenia. We fulfil our promise by serving food that is locally grown and sustainably sourced. By ensuring and guaranteeing the top quality and authentic provenance of every ingredient used in our kitchens. By choosing to serve food with noteworthy nutritional benefits. And by making your dining experience at Parga Beach Resort a feast of delicious flavors!

Please feel free to ask our servers if you want to know more about our dishes and ingredients.

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